Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching up!

So, I finally am getting around to updating my blog a little and I can't get my photos to upload.  So, that is very frustrating.  I can see that they are there, and when I choose to add them to the blog, it just sits there with a  "dumb look" on its "face".

So, I will try some wording then later go back and add some pictures....

In June of 2013, I made four flower girl dresses for a wedding in France.  Yes, it was as exciting as it sounds.  It was wonderful. The girls were from 2-4 years old and all I had to make them was their chest measurements and height.  They dresses turned out great and fit the girls just fine, which was quite a worry since I would not be able to change anything nor fit the dresses to them prior to the wedding.  I used a wonderful champagne colored dupioni silk with scrolled embroidery on it.  They had long skirts with a big bow at the waist and the bodice was a cross over.  We almost didn't go to the wedding due to the cost of the travel, but as I was sitting there in the church waiting for my "daughter" to walk down the aisle, I couldn't think of another place in the entire world that I wanted to be than right there, right then.  It was such a wonderful, happy feeling.  Claudia and JB are such a wonderfully matched couple, and at that moment, I had such a strong realization how much we truly loved her as a daughter just as our other children.  To be there for her wedding day, knowing it was important to her, was more priceless than I can describe.

Here is a picture of my Virginia trying on one of the dresses since she was the same size as a couple of the girls.

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