Friday, January 10, 2014

Inspired by Mood

So, Mood Fabrics recently put out a post for a new blogger to join their group as a couple of them were unable to fulfill the commitments.  With the new year, resolutions, the realization I am just happier when I sew, I thought I would love to be a Mood blogger someday.  One of their preferences is that you are a consistent blogger and sewing all different types of garments with different types of fabric.  So, this year I would like to resolve to sew each month, and post a blog entry about it. This is a very ambitious goal for me, given that it is January and the beginning of my very busiest time of year.  I really like being a CPA, I love to help people with something that they just feel lost on and showing them that they, indeed, can do it.  However, the down side is that you have to put your personal life on complete hold at least from February-April 15th each year, typically adding a couple weeks on the beginning and end of that time period depending on your practice.  I hope to be able to fulfill this resolution, stop stressing so much about some other struggles in life and just enjoy the moments as they come.

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