Monday, January 27, 2014

Oh, so close...

Well, this past weekend I finally got back to fitting on my muslin for the online couture dress class I started over a year ago.  I have done a tremendous amount of sewing, but I always struggle with sewing for myself.  So, I had my daughter help me fit the muslin, pinning me in and out of it many, many times.  I thought I came to a good sleeve and overall fit for the dress.  Then, I made a few pieces new with the adjustments and basted the bodice together with a trial didn't fit well! It really deflated my enthusiasm, after I thought I had it.  So, now, I need to measure the armscye and the sleeve to see how much ease really is there.  I may have to modify a bodice side piece with a princess seam, but I won't know until I figure out the sleeve ease.  It seemed with my first trial sleeve, it fit great, then when I re-made the sleeve out of one piece of muslin, it was kind of tight and pulled the shoulder piece, off my shoulder.  Super frustrating.

I also just took on a small alteration job for a girl at church, it should be simple, and it is so much more fun to sew for skinny people.

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