Saturday, January 18, 2014

A hairy mess

So I am plugging along making another skirt for Brittney, the girl going on the mission.  Well she actually left, so I am going to have to mail it to her.  The poly that I picked out for this skirt is super nice and silky, but thank heavens for my serger or else it is a terrible, hairy mess on the inside.  I finished the outerskirt (now working on lining) a week ago, and I am still finding little fuzzy clusters on the floor, carpet and random pieces of clothing I have worn over the past couple weeks.  I know that some suggest pinking shears and some suggest zig zag the edge of the fabric, but I just don't see how this can possibly rein this hairy mess all in, like the serger does.  I have to say, I am grateful for my serger :)  I hope to finish the skirt this weekend, as tax season is really starting to bear down on me and I have not yet done any of my clients W2s and their employees are getting impatient.

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