Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thinking about fabric

So, I am now in tax season, not yet preparing individual returns, but I am working on client payroll tax reports and generating W2s for them.  It is a pretty busy time.  I made those wonderful dresses for that cute missionary girl, but she had to come home early, after a week, due to health reasons.  For I am truly sorry that the people of Carlsbad, CA will not get to hear her teach them the gospel in her darling southern accent, I am grateful she is back and has an open schedule so she can help watch my children so I can work.  Everything works out in the end, as it is the Lord's plan, not ours.

Fabric Mart - my go to nowadays - has had a pretty good sale and some wonderful fabrics that I have purchased.  They just showed up yesterday.  There are some really dreamy linen fabrics.  I also got on one of their daily specials, some nice herringbone woven blend in a creamy color that I am anxious to get my hands all over.  I don't know quite yet what I will make, but as I sit here working on payroll tax reports, I am thinking of yummy herringbone and linen blend fabrics.  :)

A blue linen anyone can love

Beeswax - Honey - Yummy Yellow Linen

Wet Sand Linen

Ah, but the CRD0101 Herringbone is sold out...

I also just tried another online store and bought this amazing
Kauai Cotton Brocade
which came yesterday. The picture totally does not do it justice!  I know exactly what I want to make out of it, provided I like the fit and style of the muslin that I will sew one day.  It is a Burda pattern from December 2013.   I can't find the link real quick, I will have to come back and add it.

What fabric are you dreaming of? while doing something else :)

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