Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh yes, yes I did!

I haven't written in here for a very long time, because the job that pays for my fun has hit its busy season.  Yes, I am a CPA; I work from home for my own firm. January through April I hibernate from nearly everyone, even my kids wonder where I have gone at times.  They get very accustomed to seeing me sitting in my office working for hours and hours till late at night.  However, by this point in the season, it seems every year, they all get really tired of Mom always working.  I have really enjoyed my new sewing room that we built into the house and so, I am looking forward to getting to sew again.  Fabric Mart sends out emails about their sale fabric; today they sent out an enticing one with duponi silk embroidered fabric for $14 per yard.  I got so excited I bought enough of various colors to make a dress for me, and one for each of my 3 daughters.  So, yes, YES I DID, I bought my after-tax-season fabric!
CVB5785 Floral Scroll Cord Applique on Silk Dupioni Pastel Soft Taupe 43" WideNot a very good picture, I admit, but you can get an idea of the basic color.  It is so timeless.

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