Monday, November 12, 2012

There is a fabric SALE!

Well, I suppose the retail industry likes to celebrate our vetrans by getting consumers to spend money.  Kind of sad, really, but it is society as we know it.  Remember please to thank those vetrans in your life today.

A chain fabric store is having a sale and so this evening I will be going and getting a couple more items needed to begin my couture sewing class.  I have watched all the lessons through, hours of information! Now I am nearly ready to begin.  With the help of a friend I made a duct tape dress form last weekend, tonight at the sale I am going to pick up some more muslin and get started.  I also started to shop for fabric for the dress.  Susan Khalje, my instructor, told me to cut off the scalloped edge of the lace overlay then re-attach it when I figure out the hem line.  It took my breath away! How could you do that?
So through more instruction from her, and a lot of online research on Threads Magazine, I see that it is indeed possible.  I am excited to see a beautiful garmet turned out from this process.

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