Monday, November 12, 2012

My body double and the beginning

Well with the help of a friend I now have a duct tape dress form -my body double. I would love to be making this couture dress for my BFF but since she lives 2100 miles away I am making this for myself. It poses some challenges to fit yourself but a dress form will greatly help with that. I would like a Uniquely You form but the duct tape version was $170 less expensive. I would rather buy really nice fabric for my dress at this point.
The fabric store had a 50% off sale on notions so I also got tonight two more Olfa mats that perfectly fit my cutting table. As Susan Khalje would say that was a "gift from the sewing gods". I agree.
So now that I have my table ready and my body double with all my measurements I am ready to start to work with my pattern! I am making view F, but may make it long sleeve and do a complete lace overlay. I am sure the lace will be a huge challenge but I know Susan will help me along the way!

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  1. awwww I love that you love me in your blog. (haha won't i be embarrassed if you have another BFF at 2100 miles away) cool duct tape form!