Monday, November 12, 2012


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Couture is such a loosely used word.  I looked it up on Pinterest, and one picture showed a muscled older man without his shirt on?!  That is NOT couture.  Couture is a method of fine sewing - beautiful fabrics, construction, details, proper fit, etc...  Couture should not be screen printed on the side leg of a pair of sweatpants available at a store in the mall.  Couture should be respected and studied, for it is a form of art. 
Through this online class given my a master couture dress maker, Susan Khalje, I have come to honor and respect this form of sewing.  I aspire to make my garments with more care and detail just as she does.  I hope to be able to finish a fine dress with the class and next year take her one week class in Baltimore to learn even more.  All of my sewing for years is geared toward sewing wedding dresses for my 3 daughters someday, I hope to live up to the couture art form of dress making.

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