Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First Fitting

Well, with the help from a dear friend, Marie, I have gotten my first fitting done.  My husband did what he could, but he is a manufacturing engineer of metal, not fabric.  After having Marie pin in the excess and trying out different things, we came to the conclusion to make another bodice from mulin in two sizes smaller.  Much of the problems with the bodice originally made was that it was to large, and too full.  The sleeve may have some other continuing problems, but all fitting instruction I have seen says that you should figure out the bodice first then the sleeves after that. Also, some extra fabric in the armsyce will be taken up with the sleeve.  I am a seamstress by passion, but a CPA by trade. I actually did this fitting a month ago, but with 3 tax law seminars and Thanksgiving, I haven't yet sewing together the new bodice, but hope to soon.  I am also well on my way to choosing my fashion fabric.

I just felt better after getting it pinned better.  It is frustrating because the Vogue envelope stated I would fit a 16 (12 in the real world) but  now the new bodice I am working on is a 14 in the pattern.  So, we will see what works out better.

We took in 3" in the back seam allowance

Once the back seam allowance was taken in, then the waistline was much closer to level, whereas before it was not, it sloped backward.

Fitting much nicer now with all the extra pinned up.

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